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Jlego is a little 3D toy that let you stack Lego™ bricks on a field. Jlego is a Java applet available for instance here. It has been developped by Fraser Danbury, without any clear license. And Mr Danubury's email is not valid anymore... So here is Jlego_r, a re-compiled version of Jlego on J2SE 1.5. I will distribute the sources as soon as I get the agreement from the author.

Jiver 1.1r 

Jiver is a free mp3 player in Java. Its main features:

 - plays mp3, wav & wma files

 - provides an id3 v1 & v2 editor

 - supports playlists

 - is GPL licensed

It has been developped by Serge de Schaetzen in 2003, using an now old version of the JLayer library. Unfortunately, the version 1.1 provided by the Java boutique does not include any sources.

The version 1.1r is a reverse-engineered version of version 1.1. It has the same license as version 1.1 and can thus be used for further developments (An id3 V2 tag editor applet for example...)

Jiver 1.1r can be downloaded here.

© Emmanuel Decitre, 2006

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