The gold rush - a project report

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This animation is the web screening of an installation called "The gold rush".

"The gold rush" itself, is the screening of one of the latest silent movies on one of the latest silent laptops.

The NCR 3150, a 486DX monochrome machine with no sound board is here only intended to play an ascii-fied movie along with a midi-fied version of the soundtrack on its buzzer.

Topics: Commenting and recycling the ru$h of home screening. script->film->script process (actually text->image->text).
Archiving, and compression history (...) :)



Documentation: Continue the retrospective and reconstruct a flipbook. Print the 3037 frames on old listing paper. Divide the whole in 10 packs to stay user-friendly.


Industrialisation: Standardize ASCII/MIDI movie and DVfD (Digital Versatile floppy Disk) formats. Produce an offline asciification platform intended to deliver floppy based movies. Produce a bootable floppy containing the ascii player software (Make it usable for i386, sun, vax and m68k vintage machines). Offer two additional teasers: Chaplin´s "Modern Times" and Melies´s "A Trip to the moon".


Democratisation: Promote low-end against high-end and recycling against upgrading. Upload a downstripped Txt/ASCII/MIDI/Mono version of "Elephants dream". This movie is the first digital animation entirely free and open-source. Two versions are already available online: AVI/MPEG4/AC3 5.1/Surround and QuickTime/H.264/AAC/Stereo. Expensive requirements: a modern computer, a DVD player and a high-speed connection. Now, keep it free, but make it cheap.


Crediting: Say thank-you to the developers of aMule, mplayer, aalib, Rosegarden, NetBSD and Wikipedia.

© Emmanuel Decitre, 2006

Feedback is welcomed. "French" translation
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons 2.5 License.