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 OK ! 

"G8" is based on Disney's adaptation of Hercules.

As usual in such a production, the plot has been adapted to standard american morals. And like every major Disney cartoon, Hercules has been delivered on DVD and translated in all possible solvent languages, allowing kids all over the world to spare on their reading time. And like in every Disney movies, also the songs are translated, giving that charming local flavor.

"Go, spell..." and "OK !" are the result of the superposition of 8 soundtracks of the same two songs. Everybody sings together the same song but the whole is an unintelligible crosstalk. As if UNO ambassadors (or G8 leaders) decided to sing in a choir. "Go, spell..." is of course a gospel, and nobody can spell what they say. This is not the case by "OK !", since everybody can say "OK".

OK ?

© Emmanuel Decitre, 2006

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